Just How Safe IS The “Cloud”?

While public “cloud” storage can be an inexpensive option, it cannot guarantee immutability, and therefore would likely not meet a strict interpretation of regulatory standards. Recently numerous articles have come out exposing the pitfalls and potential risks associated with using “cloud” storage. Compliance, technology, and financial officers take notice.

Apple’s iCloud went down early this morning (and it’s still having problems).

Cloud, Apple's web-based service that syncs content between your Mac, iPhone, and iPad, went down early this morning

Microsoft’s Cloud Goes Dark Across the Globe

Microsoft’s cloud crashed on Friday. Big time.

Wozniak Slams the Cloud as ‘Horrendous’

"I really worry about everything going to the cloud," Wozniak said after Daisey's two-hour expose. "I think it's going to be horrendous. I think there are going to be a lot of horrible problems in the next five years."

Microsoft's Tough Friday: Software giant battles hackers, malware, and a cloud outage

Late on Friday afternoon, Microsoft discovered that its worldwide Azure cloud service had gone offline when an expired security certificate prevented users from accessing the network.