Immutable Website Archiving & Social Media Marketing

Website Archiving >

Firms operating under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 that use their company Website for sales and marketing purposes are required under the Books and Records section 204-2 to completely archive their Websites for a duration of up to six years.

Regulations further require that these archives be immutable; they cannot be modifiable or subject to deletion once written.

Social Media Marketing >

With millions of Internet users flocking to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, financial services firms need to leverage this new medium to reach existing clients and to target prospects.

To maximize the impact of social media while complying with ever-evolving regulations can be a daunting and complex task. Compliance Vault® offers several solutions for companies that are either embarking on a social media campaign, as well as those firms looking to audit and expand their existing social media marketing programs.

Compliance Vault® >

Compliance Vault® is dedicated to the financial services industry. We provide social media marketing and Website archiving solutions.

We are committed to helping firms meet regulatory archiving requirements and maximizing the use of emerging social networking platforms.

We pledge to provide our clients with top-notch personalized service and innovative solutions in the regulatory and social media space.